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Getting It Done

Laura Grill
February 9, 2021

More snow fell in the northeast this weekend. I spent the weekend with my youngest son as the others were away skiing. And more snow is expected to fall today!

We cooked new recipes for dinner, he made dessert on his own (now that he can read to follow a brownie recipe), worked on a huge Lego (that we had gifted to my father-in-law but he returned to us), continued the dog training (we got a dog a month ago), card writing, Valentine’s Day decorating, and snow shoveling. Oh yeah- and a late night movie- (where I took a nap) “The Jetsons” which took us two days to complete. It was a low-tech weekend.

At the end of the weekend I felt pretty proud of myself. The snow was shoveled, the house was clean, I had slept, and most importantly my son felt that we had a great weekend. I stayed busy the whole time.

When I finally sat at my desk Monday morning (after walking my son and the dog to the pod) I realized that I was SO behind on emails (I will catch up after my 10:00 am meeting). With only one child for the weekend, and the dog, and all of the tasks listed above, I was extremely present and constantly busy. As a result, I didn’t respond to things as I normally would have, but more importantly, I found that I could be very productive Monday morning when the traditional work week began. 

Our body needs breaks. Our children need breaks. We all need breaks, and in this pandemic period the breaks and boundaries are blurred. 

Over the weekend my screen time decreased, and as a result I feel more rested. This “aha” is likely something we all know. 

This weekend I’m not sure if you could say “I worked hard” or if “I played hard” but I know I didn’t try to do too many things simultaneously.  I could only do one thing at a time, and it allowed me to feel like I got it all done.