We are on a mission to provide a premier educational experience customized to the needs of each student.

About Us

SchoolHouse is on a mission to provide a premier educational experience customized to the needs of each student. We do this by providing parents with a choice of the best educators, sourced from elite private, public, and charter-schools, to teach their children. The instruction occurs in parent's homes or at a secure and accessible location - such as a community center or church. Each class utilizes the unique network of students, teachers, and parents, to work together to create a world class education for each child.

We provide support for every type of curriculum and certified learning method. We work with families to help them find what method best suits them, whether that's a Montessori approach, project-based learning, or STEM, and then works to implement that curriculum with our incredible teachers.

Each class is uniquely responsive and learns to match the learning style, pace, and interest of each student.

Join the movement of thousands of families who are coming together to build the educational experience their family needs.

Our approach

We believe that the teacher is the most important part of any education. Because of that, we are selective in the teachers we offer to our families. Each teacher has been interviewed, vetted, and hand-selected by our educational team. Once approved, teachers and families go through a matching process that makes sure that the teacher is appropriate for the family. This process can involve video conferences, in-person interviews and a detailed review of each teacher's curriculum vitae and resume.

Once the teacher has been selected by the family, we organize the student, with other students in their area, forming a microschool of 4-8 students. This structured size allows the teacher to really understand and meet the needs and interests of the students, by tailoring lessons to them and scaffolding the information in a manner that will match each student.

We also utilize the best specialist around the world to work with students of a one to one basis to either fill in gaps in their understanding, help them manage and overcome learning challenges, or help them follow their interests. We help you combine all of the disparate educational components into a single integrated whole for the child.

Mission and Values


Our mission is to connect students and families with great teachers. We believe that behind every great "aha" moment, light-bulb going-off, or profound realization, there is a teacher. Our teacher's job is to bring forth that spark in each of our students. We accomplish this by providing small class sizes that allow the teacher to individually focus on each student and their needs.


SchoolHouse is a values driven organization. We believe in the following:

  • The teacher is the most important part of any education.
  • Small class sizes with great teachers provide incredible educational experiences.
  • Families make the best education choices themselves.
  • Excellence is a sustained pursuit, not an endpoint.
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