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Why microschools?
What is SchoolHouse?
Why should I choose SchoolHouse?
Why does the teacher matter so much?
What is a pod?
Who are the teachers?
What is your screening and vetting process?
Are all teachers certified?
What grades does SchoolHouse provide services for?
Do students need to be the same age?
Is there a minimum commitment length?
Do you offer part-time and full-time options?
How much does it cost?
Who handles the administrative work?
Is SchoolHouse available in my area?
Can SchoolHouse help me form my pod?
Where do we host the learning pod?
What do we do about supplies?
Are parents involved in the day-to-day learning?
Where do I start?
How are pods put together?
What's the next step after forming a pod?
How do I select a teacher?
What if we choose a teacher and then end up not liking them?
What does on-boarding look like?
Do you provide any additional training and/or support services during the academic year?
How do you verify that the education is meeting certain standards?
Does SchoolHouse participate in statewide standardized testing?
How does SchoolHouse work within specific educational requirements that vary state to state?
Do I need to get insurance?
How do we make sure we have the right documentation if we decide to transition our kids back to school after a year or two?
If my state enforces closures can my learning pod still operate in person?
How are you addressing health concerns surrounding COVID-19?
How do you make sure all the families and the teacher are on the same page for social distancing or other health guidelines?
What curriculum do you use?
How do you handle students with special needs?
What if we start with an enrichment program and need to move to a full-school replacement program - would this be possible?
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Teacher help center

If you're a teacher or looking to become a teacher at SchoolHouse, browse the teachers FAQ page for general teaching and hiring questions.

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