Learn about the SchoolHouse method.

SchoolHouse™️ matches you with an outstanding teacher for at-home education.

A little girl writing on a chalkboard while her teacher and classmates watch

Learn about the SchoolHouse method.

SchoolHouse™️ matches you with an outstanding teacher for at-home education.

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Design your school.

We ask everyone to fill out our online registration form to help us get to know you better. Based on the information you provide you'll be matched with the top educators in your area that fit your needs.

mia’s story

"Building my kids' confidence was really important. Because my eight year old and ten year old were at very different academic levels, one of the fears that I had going in was that it wouldn't work for both of them. The teachers have done an amazing job of meeting all of the students in where they're at, and allowing them to learn together while giving them the individualized attention they need."

*** This information will also be used in your profile and shared with top educators in your area!


Browse the best & brightest educators in your area.

Based on the information you provided in the application SchoolHouse will match you with the best and brightest educators in your area that match your needs. Add them to your favorites, send them your profile, or share them with friends and create your own pod!

SchoolHouse️ teachers have...

A minimum of 5 years of experience
An advanced degree
Amazing recommendations*
A focus for the student / teacher relationship
* We get recommendations for each teacher from both colleagues and former students.

Horace Buddo

International school leader & STEM educator

Florida International University

Austin Boehm

Math Teacher

Duke University

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Accept your seat.

You've found a teacher you love, you've sent them your profile, and they send you a specialized invitation to join their pod! It's a perfect match! Now, all you need to do is formally accept their invitation from your profile and SchoolHouse will help you finalize the details!

mia’s story

"In a world right now the ability to learn among peers is incredible. SchoolHouse allows kids to really learn collaboratively, in a safe space."


Choose your convenient location

Once you identify the space where your Learning Pod will take place, we'll take care of all of the other administrative requirements needed to operate your Pod.

All Programs Include:

Dedicated placement counselor to assist you through the hiring process.

4 month, in-person program 2-5 days a week for 4 hours a day or a customized schedule to fit your needs.

Small classes to promote social distancing and follow CDC regulations.

Form your own group and give your child the chance to stay in touch with their classmates.

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