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BBSDT Waddle "CAN" Lend a Helping Hand

December 10, 2020

Many pods have spent some time this semester helping those in need. One 5th grade pod in Larchmont, NY learned about food insecurity and the organization Canstruction which is an international hunger relief charity that raises millions of pounds of food each year for local food banks by building structures made only from canned food. The pod format allows for in-depth, cross-curricular investigations - in this case involving math, English, and design skills.

Austin Boehm, the pod teacher, kicked off this unit by having students analyze a past CAN-structure and facilitated research regarding food insecurity in the United States.

Each student created a poster for the upcoming food drive.

Student poster of the holiday canned food drive with instructions on how to donate

BBSDT Waddle set a goal of 400 cans to be collected. Students reached out to neighbors and family members for canned food donations. Students tracked their progress weekly towards reaching the goal.

Along the way, there were other lessons connected to the food drive. Students learned how to find the volume of 3-dimensional objects, which of course led to learning how to find the volume of cylinders and lessons on the most famous irrational number - pi!

The learning continued as each student designed, created and communicated a plan for their Canstruction. All of the ideas were fantastic! In the spirit of working together and "consensus-building" the group took the individual Canstruction designs and worked on ways to combine them into a single structure they would all be excited to can-struct.

student poster of a food drive goal thermometer Three students standing in front of a poster with markers A young boy sitting on the floor organizing and counting food cans Male student in blue t-shirt looking at 4 math worksheets Large notepad on tripod showing the volume for 4 different cylinders Three students working together to find the volume of a cylinder on their math worksheet