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How SchoolHouse Is Aiming To Reimagine Education With Mircroschools

Kids studying at home
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What to Do if Your Traditional School Isn't Working for Your Child

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New York's School Closures Sends Parents Scurrying for Backup

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How Popular Are Pandemic Pods After All?

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How COVID Could Permanently Change Public Education

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The Big Lessons of Learning Pods, Two Months In


Invasion of the learning pods

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Pods, Microschools and Tutors: Can Parents Solve the Education Crisis on Their Own?

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Gap Years, PBL, and Higher Education with Abby Brody from Mind the Gap

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Connecticut parents, teachers, seek alternatives to in-school learning

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Many parents don't know about these small group teaching methods for remote learning


Teachers Drive Innovation. This Time, Will They Do So Within or Outside the System?


Pandemic pods: A costly solution for back-to-school?

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6 startups that are helping parents launch pandemic school pods this fall

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Wealthiest NYers using charter jets, private teachers to avoid COVID risk


Learning Pods for NYC Students

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Everything You Need For Remote Learning (for Every Type of Kid)

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Your Guide to Pandemic Learning Pods: The Costs, the Logistics and the Push for Equality

For many students who defaulted to remote learning this past spring, it’s become abundantly clear that a virtual “one size fits all” approach to education cannot replace in-person learning.

The school of the future looks a lot like the school of the past

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Why and How to Open a Microschool


With school plans unclear, affluent US parents are pursuing other options

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Parents propose a new way to educate their children in the fall: School pods

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Amid Coronavirus, Parents 'Pod Up' to Form At-Home Schools


Parents Reject School Reopenings & Create Micropods

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Parents and Teachers Starting "Learning Pods" are Done Waiting for Permission