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Starting Fresh

Laura Grill
January 5, 2021

Welcome Back!


Just like in September, when one gets new school supplies, hopefully everyone returned to pods with freshly sharpened pencils and an air of optimism. 

I know I did. 

2021 will be the year of new beginnings, celebrating creativity (Follow #SchoolHouseConnected #CreativeLiving) and learning more. 

Last year, when 2020 began, my “resolution” or “challenge” to myself was to walk (on-average) a mile a day learning or connecting. I knew I wouldn’t do it daily, but in the course of a week to walk an extra 7 miles (often it was over 2 or 3 walks). The second part of my challenge meant that I either learned (by listening to a book/podcast) or connected (by talking to a friend on the phone or in-person). This challenge became part of my routine and is something I plan to continue.

2021 will be the year of trying new things, new recipes, more art, new hikes, and feeling hopeful for what comes next (along with a daily average of 50 push-ups).

2021 will be a year where we celebrate kindness. 

I’ve been thinking about the movie (I know the book came first, but I saw the movie) “Pay It Forward” and how I can live that in my day-to-day. (They have the book re-written for upper elementary. It’s the next book I plan to read.) 

Start small. Think about your goals. Try to connect your goals and hopes to your actions. Baby steps. 

In 2021 I hope that we smile more to strangers on the street (even behind the mask- your eyes do the smiling). I hope we go out of our way to be “Bucket Fillers.” We are all in this together and we are all role models for our children. 

Working together makes the journey more enjoyable, easier, and leads to better outcomes.