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Transform your child's future by providing a smaller class size with tailored attention by the best teachers in town.

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Real school, at home.

The microschool is the reinvention of the one-room schoolhouse, where class sizes are small groups of 5-8 students and there are mixed-age level groupings.

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Giulia's story

"You have the opportunity to choose a teacher who knows how to get the spark out of every child. They can start with the core curriculum and work with parents to learn what we care about, like linking history lessons with current events. It's a totally different mindset."

World-class educators

One thing we know, teachers are essential.

SchoolHouse is not just a solution for parents looking for a quality education, but also teachers across the nation. We attract the top educators in the field with our higher salaries and smaller class size offerings.

SchoolHouse teachers typically have...
A minimum of 5 years of experience
An advanced degree
Amazing recommendations*
A focus for the student / teacher relationship
* We get recommendations for each teacher from both colleagues and former students.

Bianca R.

Early Childhood Educator

Bank Street College of Education

Brianna H.

Early Education Teacher

Pace University

Drey M.

Graduate Math & Science Teacher

University of Massachusetts

Tressa T.

Math & Physics Educator

New York University

MaryRose J.

Literacy Teacher

Worcester State University

Horace B.

Educator, Author & Communications Specialist

Florida International University

Learning pod teacher smiling in a sports jacket

Paul G.

Journalism & Media Teacher

University of Texas at austin

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Convenient locations

School just got a lot more convenient.

Classes can be held at your house, in your backyard, a storefront property — anywhere!


A school day to suit
your needs.

Full-Time Enrollment

Full-time enrollment is used to replace your child's current education. It is an in-person 5 hours per day program (M-F) and includes an in-person teacher who will bring the curriculum and supplies needed to run the classroom.

Enrichment Classes

Designed to supplement your child's current education, our enrichment classes are used to fill the gap left by online and hybrid learning. It takes place in-person, 2 days a week for 5 hours a day and can any topic or class that you like.

All Programs Include:

Dedicated SchoolHouse counselor to assist you throughout the semester and onboarding process.

In-person program 2-5 days a week for 5 hours a day or a customized schedule to fit your needs.

A chance for your child to learn with friends, in a limited exposure environment.

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Extra Benefits

But wait, there’s more!

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Legal Stuff - Donezo.

We'll make sure your microschool complies with state regulations.

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COVID Safety

Each member of our staff is equipped with their own personal protective equipment to ensure your child is safe.

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Mixed Age Possibilities

Your microschool can include multiple ages and span multiple grades. Get all your kids into the fun!

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