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Midway Reflections

Laura Grill
January 26, 2021

We are basically halfway through the school year depending on the date school started and the date school ends. Younger grades are starting to get excited about celebrating the 100th day of school. This milestone, this moment, is always one of my most favorite school celebrations- and I never actually got to celebrate it as a student or teacher- only as an on-looker (my school didn’t do it growing up, and I never taught the lower grades as a classroom teacher). 

As my youngest is in the last year of 100th day celebrations, I need to feed my need to celebrate this one and buy some posterboard so we can make a 100th day poster. Any other ideas to celebrate this one are welcome! Please post below. 

I love the 100th day because it tends to be a math celebration. What are different ways to make 100? How can you show 100 creatively? Some teachers even have students dress as themselves as 100 year olds! There is a math book that I love to use when students are learning about factors called “One Hundred Hungry Ants” which talks about how the hungry ants found different ways to march to a picnic.

The 100th day, or the halfway point (if you are in an older grade) gives us an opportunity to reflect (and celebrate!) the learning that has occurred. It is also the moment to look toward the future with true excitement. As a teacher you know that the community has been formed, the culture has been set, and the routines have been properly learned so that the rest of the year is focused on true learning. The second half is where you will see youngsters take off with their reading. The second half is where older students do more synthesizing of ideas, thinking more critically and abstractly. 

This is where there is simply synergy (which also feels mathematical, to me at least), and things should feel balanced and harmonious. 

So take a moment to pause and ask yourself what you might need to add or subtract from your day? Are you creating the space to enjoy your youngsters? Are you finding time to read to your child(ren)? Are you finding opportunities to simply listen and breathe?

We are halfway there! But really the hump, so to speak, is long behind us.