We empower great teachers.

Teach small groups in a safe, contained environment.

Math teacher checking the work of two young students in their notebook
Amazing Benefits

Why Teach With Us


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Small Class-Sizes

SchoolHouse pods range from 4 to 8 students. We keep class sizes small to make life better for students and for teachers. Differentiate instruction and closely observe your students in a way you never could with a 30-student classroom.


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In-Person Classes

Nothing can replace a real classroom experience. SchoolHouse allows you to go back to school on your terms and teach in-person in a safe, contained environment.


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Amazing Support

Focus on teaching while we handle the rest. We'll provide curriculum support, supplies, routine check-ins, on-demand coaching, and substitutes so you can do what you do best -teach.


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Competitive Pay & Benefits

Great teachers deserve to be taken care of. That is why we offer competitive salaries, health, dental, and vision benefits, as well as paid time off.

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COVID - We got you covered

SchoolHouse follows CDC and local public health guidelines to keep you safe. Small groups limit person-to-person contact and minimize exposure. Teachers and families work together to create a contained environment where everyone feels safe and comfortable.

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COMPETITIVE pay & benefits

Earn what you deserve.

We're former teachers, most of us are parents, and we believe that teachers have the largest impact on student educational outcomes. This is why we pay teachers generous salaries and provide benefits like health, dental, and vision.

You shouldn't have to put yourself in harm's way or take a pay cut to teach. You're a professional and deserve to be paid accordingly.

Horace Buddoo

Educator, Author & Communications Specialist

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Florida International University

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Austin Boehm

Math Teacher

Duke University

Jennifer Coratti

History Teacher

Bentley university

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SchoolHouse teachers receive

Amazing benefits including medical, dental, vision, and life insurance.

A competitive salary. We know you're important and believe your salary should reflect that.

Paid time off and sick leave because we understand that life happens.

An amazing support team to help you reach your fullest potential.


Don't Take Our Word For It

Summer school teacher Kalimah smiling for the camera in front of a black screen
Kalimah Ayele
Brooklyn Pod

I've never had it so good. My classroom is just 8 students and I can take the time to really get to know and understand them. I finally feel like I can give every student the attention they deserve.

Teacher Austin Boehm smiling for the camera in front of a blue background
Austin Boehm
Larchmont Pod

SchoolHouse made it incredibly easy to get started with a microschool! They handled finding the families, payment processing, and the legal and regulatory aspects. All I had to do was show up and teach.

SchoolHouse teacher Jennifer Coratti smiles for her profile picture
Jennifer Coratti
Care Bear Pod

The team at SchoolHouse is always available. Management has been incredibly supportive and responsive for everything I've needed.

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