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Love One Another

Laura Grill
January 19, 2021

It’s time to start celebrating. Do you remember how a year ago the big January news included the exit of the prince and Megan Markell? I would like for our year to end with news cycles as light as that. We all wanted 2021 to start off more joyfully. Thus far, it has been a roller coaster and we are only three weeks in! Nevertheless, I remain optimistic that 2021 will be better. 

Let’s celebrate the small things and look for ways to celebrate relationships, family, friends and your children. I have never cared much about Valentine’s Day (I know it’s still January but I needed to plan ahead!), but it’s an opportunity for another day of fun (and an inflatable). I want the celebration to focus on love for those we know, and love for our “neighbors”. (Cupid and roses can be put on hold for a less volatile year). 

Celebrate and love your support system. Celebrate your children! They have weathered the storm as well and aren’t sick of you! 

Last year in February I taped a heart on each child’s bedroom window every day with a reason why I loved them, and I plan to do it again. 

Encourage your children to mail letters to friends and family (more than the CVS/Walgreens ready-to-go cards) where they tell the receiver why they like/love them! (We all have time these days to make them meaningful). 

And let's start celebrating the hope that our country will learn to treat fellow humans with more respect and kindness, to echo Dr. Martin Luther King’s dreams for the future. This means listening to different opinions and trying to learn.