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In the Middle of It

Laura Grill
December 29, 2020

I have to say, honestly, that first weekend of break was rough. The weather was bad, there was lots of rain, and I felt like I was Sally’s brother in The Cat in the Hat. “Too wet to go out and too cold to play ball, so Sally and I did nothing at all.” 

Pre-children, these wet days wouldn’t have bothered me, I could delight in watching television all day and being flexible with meals. 

Post-children, I run a dining hall. Even if we watch a movie, someone wants to make popcorn, and someone else wants fruit. (They can do all of these things on their own, but there is still “work to be done” (The Cat in the Hat Comes Back) in ensuring everything is cleaned up. 

But as Elle said in “Legally Blonde” at graduation,” “We did it!” We will all make it through this break. School (and pods!) will resume soon!

(Clearly I have been watching more television and reading more Dr. Seuss.)

So what exactly did my children and I miss during this hiatus? (by hiatus I mean the vacation??!) 

We missed the community that has been formed through SchoolHouse. My children miss interacting with their friends. I miss seeing their pod-mates. I miss the brief hellos and goodbyes at drop-off and pick-up. 

So while I am in the middle of it (whatever U may be), I find myself asking “What comes next?” (This is timely as everyone is thinking about resolutions, promises, new ways to do things, etc.)

As I shared last week, my “next” is celebrating #LivingCreatively and #SchoolHouseConnected, because after all we are a community (then tag GetSchoolHouse). So please join me @LauraGrill by posting daily/weekly/one-off on Instagram in embracing how we are all creative. 365 days of living creatively. (I started posting/practicing (pre-2021) as this is my first foray into the world hashtags, so I had to learn how to better use Instagram. I know that some others have started too (and I love what I am seeing!). We have a creative community! 

Happy New Year! 

May 2021 be lived creatively and more together.