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What does teaching at SchoolHouse look like?
Where is class held?
When is class and for how long?
How do supplies work?
What grades can I teach?
Do you hire teachers part-time or full-time?
What does compensation look like?
How involved are the parents?
Why did you start SchoolHouse?
What advancement opportunities will I have?
How does training and professional development work?
Do you require a teaching certificate?
What does your hiring process look like?
How does matching work? Do I get to choose who I work with?
Is it safe to teach a pod in-person?
Do I have to sign a contract?
Will I be a full-time (W-2) employee or an independent contractor (1099)?
Is SchoolHouse approved by the state?
Am I required to follow local testing standards or curriculum?
Does your liability insurance cover me?
What happens if there’s a problem with my pod or a parent doesn’t pay tuition?

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