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Bianca R.

Early Childhood Educator

Bank Street College of Education

Brianna H.

Early Education Teacher

Pace University

Drey M.

Graduate Math & Science Teacher

University of Massachusetts

Tressa T.

Math & Physics Educator

New York University

MaryRose J.

Literacy Teacher

Worcester State University

Horace B.

Educator, Author & Communications Specialist

Florida International University

Learning pod teacher smiling in a sports jacket

Paul G.

Journalism & Media Teacher

University of Texas at austin

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Choose your educator.

Based on your zip code we'll provide you with 2-3 top schools in your area. Talk to the teacher to share your specific needs. You can schedule a tour immediately. This process typically takes 4-10 business days to finalize.

SchoolHouse️ teachers typically have...

A minimum of 5 years of experience
An advanced degree
Amazing recommendations*
A focus for the student / teacher relationship
* We get recommendations for each teacher from both colleagues and former students.


Experience the school in-action.

The best way to know if this is the right school for you and your child(ren), Schedule a tour so you can ask questions, observe classes and get a sense of how this school will work with your family.

Female parent with dark brown hair looking straight, smiling at the camera
mia’s story

"In a world right now the ability to learn among peers is incredible. SchoolHouse allows kids to really learn collaboratively, in a safe space."

Two young girls with dark hair sitting outside in a chair together reading a book.


Submit your refundable deposit.

SchoolHouse requests a fully-refundable deposit of one child's administrative fee ($2,000) to confirm your spot. This fee goes towards your first tuition payment.

Boy in red shirt practicing his handwriting in English block


Start learning!

SchoolHouse will send you the supplies and necessities you need to start your child's first day of school.

Female parent with dark brown hair looking straight, smiling at the camera
mia’s story

"Building my kids' confidence was really important. Because my eight year old and ten year old were at very different academic levels, one of the fears that I had going in was that it wouldn't work for both of them. The teachers have done an amazing job of meeting all of the students in where they're at, and allowing them to learn together while giving them the individualized attention they need."

Middle school girl doing her homework at the dining room table.

All Programs Include:

Dedicated placement counselor to assist you through the hiring process.

In-person program 2-5 days a week for 5 hours a day or a customized schedule to fit your needs.

Small classes to promote social distancing and follow CDC regulations.

Your own group that allows your child to stay in touch with their friends and classmates.

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