Mia's Story


Mia, Mother of Two, Tri-State Area

At the end of  the Spring 2020 school term, Mia was concerned that her children had missed out on an important educational experiences after making the transition from public school to homeschooling. For her oldest son who has a learning disability, she knew it would be particularly difficult to catch up. On top of that, she worried about how the two would cope with being deprived of socialization, not just for a matter of weeks, but for an entire summer or perhaps longer.



Mia’s students hated learning on Zoom. She needed to find a way to make her children interested in school again.



Mia worried her kids were going to fall behind in their studies. She knew learning online would make school even more difficult for them.



Without knowing how long COVID-19 and school closings would last, Mia worried her kids would suffer from socialization deprivation.


Introducing SchoolHouse

As Mia grappled with the challenges of how to entertain her children all summer long without camps, a trusted friend approached her about creating a  “microschool” for their families. SchoolHouse would allow their kids to have an enriching education while learning and playing together. SchoolHouse matches parents with a world-class educator to form a small, close knit learning pod. Instead of being stuck at home with only their siblings their students could interact with kids their own age. It sounded like an ideal solution to a looming challenge, and after seeing the research that her friend had done, Mia jumped at the opportunity.

In the world right now the ability to learn among peers is incredible. SchoolHouse allows kids to really learn collaboratively, in a safe environment.

A parent's perspective

Since her kids began learning with SchoolHouse, Mia has seen a noticeable improvement in their happiness and self-esteem. She says her children love SchoolHouse not just because they get to spend time with their friends but because the teachers really make learning fun. With such small classes, teachers can pay attention to what the kids are interested in, following their lead and turning games at break time into collaborative learning opportunities.

Building my kids’ confidence was really important. Because my eight year old and ten year old were at very different academic levels, one of the fears that I had going in was that it wouldn’t work for both of them. The teachers have done an amazing job of meeting all of the students in where they’re at, and allowing them to learn together while giving them the individualized attention they need.

The SchoolHouse Way

SchoolHouse relieved the struggles of providing an excellent education and safe social experiences in the time of COVID-19. It also revealed that the learning in small groups can be a more effective and more enjoyable way to work through learning challenges than one-on-one tutoring.