School closures?
SchoolHouse is open!

You can make sure your child gets the most out of this school year.

We build the right school for you.

Your schoolhouse is designed around your family's needs. When you meet with a SchoolHouse counselor, we’ll ask about the interests, strengths, and needs that make your child unique.

Then we'll design the school around you. That means:

  • The right teacher
  • The right curriculum
  • The right plan & tools
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Tina's story

"From a parent's perspective: Just seeing our kids excited to go to "School" together, settle down to their new routines and work, be reenergized, stimulated, and thereby more in tune/peace with themselves and the world around them. From a child’s perspective: the science experiments!"

The same school day, just at home.

SchoolHouse follows the typical school day. Most pods start at 8 a.m. and run until 1 p.m. (though you can start earlier or later if you like!).
If you're interested in creating a special or custom program please contact us today!
Full-School Enrollment
5 days per week
In person 5 hours per day, Monday through Friday. This includes an in-person teacher who will bring the curriculum and supplies needed to run the classroom.

All programs include

  • Dedicated placement counselor to assist you through the hiring process.
  • In-person program with a customized schedule to fit your needs.
  • Small classes to promote social distancing and follow CDC regulations.
  • Your own group, where your child can build close-knit relationships with their classmates.
  • A location of your choosing. Your classes can be held anywhere you wish, in your home, backyard, or storefront - whatever is convenient for you.
‍2 days per week
School enrichment classes take place 2 days a week, 5 hours a day, and is typically used to fill the gap left by the school and online learning environment. Enrichment can be on any topic that you and your child would like.  We will find you the perfect in-person teacher no matter the lesson.

We'll find the right teacher for you.

We handle everything around finding and vetting the right teacher for you.

Our hiring process includes...
Qualification screenings
Test lessons & classroom interviews
Background checks
Personality & Style Fit
Organizing parent meet & greets
Curriculum planning
Lesson plan reviews
Weekly progress updates
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Teachers are essential. At SchoolHouse we seek out world-class educators.

We're a team of former educators and school leaders. Our experiences have helped us determine what is critical for a child's success.

Teaching is hard work - it takes care, intelligence, and commitment to the practice. That is why we thoroughly screen our teachers to make sure they're amazing before we introduce them to you,

SchoolHouse is not just a solution for parents looking for quality education, but also teachers across the nation.

We attract top educators in the field with our higher salaries and smaller classrooms. This allows them to focus on what they do best - teach.

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Giulia's story

"You have the opportunity to choose a teacher who knows how to get the spark out of every child. They can start with the core curriculum and work with parents to learn what we care about, like linking history lessons with current events. It's a totally different mindset."

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We only accept the highest quality teachers.

Most SchoolHouse teachers have...
Several years of teaching experience
An advanced degree
Elite schooling
Amazing recommendations
Stephanie's story

"I think there are so many great things about SchoolHouse that it is hard to narrow down to one. The one though that does stand out the most is also the small class size. It is really nice to be able to give so much attention to the children and their work. I see such an improvement in their skills already! It is fun to see them grow and watch them shine!"

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Finding the right curriculum.

Finding the right curriculum is about matching the needs of your SchoolHouse.  Your curriculum could have a focus on literacy, a daily math intensive, or a fun science project every week. We can make it happen.

Some examples...
STEM focused with fun & hands-on science projects every week.
Montessori approach with early second-language classes would be amazing!
Literacy focused with daily journaling, family-reading homework and creative writing activities.
Outdoor sports in the mornings, regular program in the afternoon!
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The right curriculum

We can match the curriculum to your state’s standards - the ones your school follows. Or, we can set up a parallel curriculum, that covers the objectives you choose. Many parents also choose to emphasize particular content for their children.

Let's talk about interests and needs.

Perhaps your child needs extra help in math or reading. If so, we will work to find a teacher who has a background in that area and supplement them to help bridge the gap.

With class sizes this small, differentiating the curriculum is possible and extremely easy.

For example, if the child or families have a special interest, like rocketry or language immersion, we can build the curriculum to meet those needs.

We will assist you to build the best educational experience for your child.

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The right paperwork.

We handle all the paperwork, accounting, legal, and regulatory issues to ensure that your school is abiding by all the necessary standards and best practices.

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Michael's story

"The best part of being a SchoolHouse teacher is the potential that comes along with it. In many ways, the potential for how different and effective this rethinking of education can eventually become has breathed a new life into the process. This profession has a way of making the professionals within it sometimes feel like buoys caught riding the tide of shifting policy, misaligned priorities, and CYA paperwork. Or maybe that's just me. But this feels like it can be something different. And that potential is the absolute best part of this journey."

Suzie's story

"Seeing the kids so happy and in school again - they come home with smiles on their faces and excited to talk about their day!

Mother in baseball cap smiling at the camera with baby in her arms.

And if something goes wrong, we'll be there.

Exception handling is what our administrative services are for. If something comes up and your teacher cannot make it we'll supply you with an amazing substitute teacher. If for some reason, you need a new teacher we'll even provide a new one for you.

Full school replacement pricing table breaking down the cost of tuition based on the number of students in a pod.Enrichment pricing table showing the cost of tuition based on the number of students in a pod.
School Enrichment

  • 2 days a week, 5 hours a day
  • 1 semester commitment
  • A dedicated placement counselor
  • Small groups to promote social distancing
Full School Replacement

  • 5 days a week, 5 hours a day
  • 1 semester commitment
  • A dedicated placement counselor
  • Small groups to promote social distancing
How it works

What happens now?


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What kind of teacher do you want and who is in the group? Decide on the location, number of students, etc.


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Pay the Deposit

A deposit of one child's administration fee is paid ($1,847) and teacher interviews begin.


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Choose the Teacher

We'll pick the top three amazing teachers in your area that match your needs. You can meet them all and select your favorite!


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Start School

Supplies and necessities will arrive in the mail with everything you need to start day 1!

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Get in touch with us.

If you need help setting up your new microschool contact our co-founder Joseph Connor.


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